At Countdown 2020 with Dennis Prager in San Antonio Texas.
In the All-In America Podcast booth at the 2019 Values Voter Summit in Washington DC with The Epoch Times Senior Investigative Reporter Joshua Philipp. Joshua is the most genuine and passionate truth seeking journalist I’ve met. I use the word journalist with accuracy and respect, so few left today. Thank you Joshua, Thomas and Marcus, I’m honored to have met you all! Truth and Tradition, The Epoch Times.
While at the 2019 Values Voters Summit in Washington, DC, met with political commentator and Fox News Contrib. Todd Starnes. He was very supportive about All-In America Podcast, and even signed an AIA hat!
At the 2019 Values Voter Summit with Dana Loesch and Brigitte Gabriel!
1970’s rock legend Peter Frampton signed and All In America Podcast hat!
Peter Frampton Was Here!